Medlock Staircases

Modern new staircase ideas and designs

We specialise in staircase renovation, in typically 48hrs we can transform your existing staircase into a modern design of your choice. Featured below are some typical examples of dated staircases.


Which style do you currently have? 



Ranch Style Staircases

Modernise your ranch style staircase with no mess, fuss or building work. View previously completed jobs here, for some staircase ideas. Refurbish your ranch style staircase into a modern style of your choice.


Panelled Staircases

Remove your old staircase panelling and allow extra light into the space. By installing an oak and glass staircase you will see an immediate increase in light and space. View previously completed jobs here, for some staircase ideas.


Dated Spindle Staircases

Replace your old spindles with a design of your choice. All of our oak staircases come professionally pre-finished and are completely maintenance free. 


We offer a wide range of staircase renovation options to suit both your style and budget. From oak and glass staircases to traditional and modern spindle designs.

Contact us, to completely refurbish and remodel your existing staircase with the minimum of disruption. We can profesionaly replace your newel posts, handrails and spindles using only the highest quality materials.

  • Family run, high quality at realistic prices
  • No commission based sales people
  • Free home visit and quotations
  • Highest quality materials
  • Pre-finished and maintenance free
  • Minimal disruption / No building work
  • Staircase ideas & free advice
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What our clients say

  • “Our staircase refurbishment looks amazing, professional service, 10/10”
  • “Received several quotes from other staircase companies. Medlock were the best by far and there quality exceptional”
  • “High quality, professional service and great to deal with a family company”
  • “From an old ranch style staircase, to stunning oak and glass in 2 days. Very impressed with there level of service and attention to detail”
  • “Had our staircase remodelled and looks far better than we expected, would definitely recommend"
  • “We was looking for staircase ideas, Medlock provided a wide range to choose from. Our staircase looks amazing now and has brought a huge wow factor to our home”
  • “Had our old staircase balustrade replaced with glass and oak, looks beautiful, we are so happy we are with the finished job, well done and thank you again”